The world moves forward on stories. We learn and grow through stories of warning, stories of inspiration, stories of our history and stories of our vision for the future. When we meet new people we ask them to tell us their story. That’s how we get to know each other and develop deeper relationships.

Companies and businesses have dozens of everyday stories to tell too, but unfortunately don’t always recognize them amid busy schedules and a drive for internal objectives. Many are uncomfortable with new trends in sharing moments through social media – especially after a few awkward attempts. Some turn it completely over to interns or rookie staffers when they would never think of doing the same thing with their traditional communications and advertising. Others may try to cling to the belief that new media is a fad that has no influence on their clients. Yet, the truth is that new media brings organizations great new opportunities to amplify their message, share their story and connect with their clients like never before.

History is now being written in 140 characters or less, captured by a video camera on a phone and shared instantly with the world. DigitAlegre listens to learn your stories then helps present and promote them in the most effective formats.