El Paso Moments: Fourth of July neighborhood parade

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Across the United States the Fourth of July is celebrated with fireworks, parades, music and lots of flag waving from large stadiums to small backyard cookouts. And while the large concerts and fireworks shows are awesome, there’s something uniquely special about the way families and neighbors take to the street with star-spangled bikes, costumed pets, decorated wagons and roofless cars to wave to each other and then gather in the local...

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Tomorrow’s news today

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This item, recently shared on Facebook by a New Mexico journalist, helps illustrate our new expectations for communication in the digital age. The exchange is between a customer and Syl, a circulation rep: Customer: “May I have today’s paper?” Syl: “Sure!” Customer: “And can I also have tomorrow’s as well?” Syl: “I don’t have tomorrow’s yet, not until tomorrow.” Customer:...

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