Community Video: St. Anthony’s Bazaar 2012, El Paso, Tx

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What started as a small Catholic community fair 53 years ago to support St. Anthony’s Seminary, 4601 Hastings, has grown to be an annual end-of-summer tradition for thousands of all faiths and backgrounds from throughout El Paso. The biggest draws for the St. Anthony’s Bazaar are the homemade gorditas and the evening concerts, but there’s plenty going on in every corner of the sprawling estate built by prominent...

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Chico’s Tacos recipe brings out the fans for El Pasoan’s Tumblr blog

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Blogger Alley Nomi found a recipe for success in attracting followers just by posting a simple recipe titled “How to make Chico’s Tacos at home”. She’s been posting about “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” on her playful blog of  pop culture links, quotes, photos and plenty of attitude for several years now, but putting up a homemade Chico’s recipe brought in the crowd. Apparently, the answer is “Oh...

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From modern masters to podcasts, America’s literary innovation starts at the border

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You may not at first think of the U.S. Southwest as an incubator for literary innovation until you realize that its artists  know that borders are artificial  and arbitrary and they can’t resist crossing them. And it is obvious El Paso, Texas, has become a key stop on the journey with the likes of literary stars Cormac McCarthy, Dagoberto Gilb,  Raymond Carver, Pat Mora and José Antonio Burciaga passing through. Now author Benjamin Alire...

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Playtime pays off: Pulp-O-Mizer makes fun retro-future design popular

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I should have been working on a new digital El Paso post for Digitalegre blog, but the shiny internet got in my way with the discovery of the super cool Pulp-O-Mizer. Seriously, look at the awesomely fast and fun pulp science fiction covers this site lets you create and tell me your inner geek can resist popping over to generate a quick mock-up of your own. The Pulp-O-Mizer is the clever layout engine presented by retro future artist Bradley W....

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Google 2012 roundup video includes El Paso’s Eastwood High graduation flash mob

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Video and the Internet were the biggest stars of a Google commercial replaying highlights of 2012 where El Paso got to show off a bit of its playful side. The 2012 graduating class of Eastwood High School gets its nano-second of fame at the 58-second mark with a snippet from its graduation ceremony flash mob celebration dance. The dance scene from Eastwood’s graduation in June 2012 appeared in the  “one minute, 30-second TV...

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Twitter adds 100 more cities to Trends; El Paso, Juárez still don’t make the list

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Once again the wit and wisdom of the fourth largest city in Texas and the heart of the Paso del Norte corridor is disregarded as Twitter announces the addition of 100 more cities worldwide to its Trends list. Neither El Paso nor Juárez were included as an option in last week’s update of the Twitter feature that highlights the top conversation topics in a geographical area. OK, granted the top trending topics in El Paso tend to be...

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